Corrections on Saga of the Samurai 5 and 7

On the map on page 81 in the Saga of the Samurai #5, the town of Yui is in the wrong place, it is marked correctly on this map. The town of Yui is located between Kanbara Castle and the Satta Pass, in fact, quite close to the mountain pass.
The Takeda army's invasion of Suruga

Corrections to book 5: On page 15 (the color plate text) and page 63 (the caption text), it should be “Yoshinobu” instead of “Nobuyoshi”.

Corrections to volume 7
In volume 7 there has been a mix-up and a mistake regarding the description on Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines. A Torii gate is the entrance gate to a Shinto Shrine and not as described in the glossary in volume 7, page 117; a Buddhist Temple. Best, Terje