Saga of the Samurai 7

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Saga of the Samurai 7

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Inside the book:
In this, the first volume on the Gamô clan from Ômi, we will trace the origin of the clan and follow them up through the centuries. The clan’s fight for survival and their expansion within Ômi province (present Shiga prefecture). It is not only the Gamô clan’s story that we will convey, but also several other clans which were in close contact on several levels with Gamô will be told. Clans like the Sasaki, Rokkaku, Kyôgoku, Azai, Asakura, Saitô, and Ashikaga. The Ônin War was a bloody military event, and the Gamô played their part in this struggle in and around the capital. There will be a lot of military campaigns and battles in the book, but also the creation of the clan’s castle and town. More civil projects will also be touched upon. 6 Color plates, many maps, countless photographs, and old illustrations – all this will hopefully once more bring the Gamô clan’s history alive.
Terje Solum

Volume 7

Volume 7 Volume 7 Volume 7 Volume 7