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The Ômi Gamô 2 (1558-1634).
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Saga of the Samurai 8 – Gamô Ujisato (1558-1634)

Three color plates done. Text done! Maps in the workshop. Photos collected.

Inside the book:
In volume one on the story of the Gamô, we got to know the family’s origin and several centuries of their history.

In this volume our main character of the story makes his appearance – Gamô Ujisato. But not only Ujisato, also his father Katahide is vital to the Gamô clan’s history. We will follow them on various campaigns, tracing the places they came to rule over, and take a closer look at religion, heraldry, and the production of matchlock guns. The greater part of this volume will deal with Ujisato, but after Ujisato the story of his descendants will also be told. This volume is packed with color plates, photographs, maps, and old Japanese illustrations; with the hope that these two volumes on the Gamô clan will share a better understanding of the bloody, merciless, interesting, and exiting Sengoku Period of Japan.

Terje Solum